Revolutionizing WordPress Hosting with xCloud: Host Multiple Websites in 2024

Host Multiple Websites

If you want to create a new WordPress website or migrate your website to a better hosting platform, you are about to be introduced to just the right solution. Early this year, xCloud was released to revolutionize the WordPress hosting experience. Whether you want to create a brand-new website or host multiple websites on a single server, xCloud is an excellent choice. 

Host Multiple Websites

In this blog, we are going to discuss how xCloud can make your life easier with its revolutionary features. Without further ado, let us get started. 

What is xCloud? 

It is a hosting and server management solution from the Startise family, that helps to host, deploy, and manage websites effortlessly. Whether you want to set up your cloud server or host your WordPress website, xCloud offers all the amazing features to complete the process smoothly. You do not have to worry about writing codes to set up or manage your server. You will surely love all the outstanding features to run your websites without any hassle. 

Benefits of Hosting Multiple Websites on One Server

You might be hesitant about hosting multiple websites on a single server due to potential drawbacks like speed and security. However, once you understand the advantages, and know how to manage, hosting multiple websites on one server can be highly beneficial. Let’s explore these benefits below.

Cost Efficiency

Hosting several websites on a single server significantly reduces total costs when you combine expenses into a single hosting plan. Instead of paying for separate hosting services for each website, all sites use the same server resources. It is especially useful for small organizations and people who manage multiple websites as it provides a low-cost option without sacrificing functionality.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Host Multiple Websites

Hosting multiple websites on the same server allows you to make the best use of server resources like CPU, RAM, and storage. This makes sure that the server’s capacity is completely utilized, minimizing waste. 

Centralized Management

Managing multiple websites becomes easier with a centralized management panel. Administrators can manage updates, backups, and security options from a single interface. This simplifies administrative operations, saving time and lowering the complexity of operating several servers.

Unified Backup and Security

Hosting multiple sites on the same server offers a unified approach to backup and security. A single backup solution can be used across all sites, ensuring consistent and dependable data protection. Similarly, applying security patches and updates to a single server guarantees that all hosted websites benefit from the most recent security measures.

Why xCloud Is The Perfect Choice To Host Multiple Websites

You might be hesitant about hosting multiple websites on a single server due to potential drawbacks. However, once you understand the advantages, hosting multiple websites on one server can be highly beneficial. Let us explore these benefits below.

  • Full Root Access & Unlimited Website Creation: Enjoy unrestricted website creation and full root access, ideal for developers and businesses needing flexibility in managing multiple sites.
  • Simplified Team Management: xCloud offers advanced team management features, allowing you to grant specific access levels to team members while maintaining full control.
  • WordPress Theme, Plugin, & Core Updates: Manage updates seamlessly from the cloud control panel, enhancing productivity with one-click updates for themes, plugins, and the WordPress core.
  • Free Plan Available: Connect your existing server to xCloud and enjoy hosting up to 10 websites at no cost. This option provides a cost-effective solution for website hosting if you already have a server. 
  • Advanced Security Features: With two-factor authentication, automatic SSH lockdown, Fail2Ban, 7G, and 8G firewall, xCloud prioritizes website security, ensuring protection against various threats.
  • Automated Backup Service: xCloud provides comprehensive site and server backup options, integrating with S3 and S2-compatible storage providers for secure data storage and easy retrieval.
  • Powerful Caching Support: Boost website performance with page caching and object caching, easily configured via a 1-click setup with popular caching plugins.

WordPress Hosting with xCloud: How To Host Multiple Websites in A Single Server 

In this section, we are going to show how you can host multiple WordPress websites in xCloud. To get started, first of all, you will need to sign up on xCloud. Afterward, follow these steps below to host your websites on a single server.

Step 1: Create Or Connect Your Server

Once you have an xCloud account, now you need to create a fresh server or connect your existing server with xCloud. So, from your xCloud dashboard, click on the ‘Add New’ button. You will be redirected to the page where you can create or connect your server in xCloud. 

If you want to connect your existing server you can follow this step-by-step documentation. Alternatively, if you do not have a server, and want to create a new server to host multiple sites, follow this detailed documentation

Host Multiple Websites

Step 2: Create Or Migrate Your Website

Once you have successfully created or connected your server with xCloud, now you can create or migrate your website easily. To create a website, click on the ‘New Site’ button and choose the server where you want to host your website. 

Now, if you want to create a new website you can follow this step-by-step documentation. Alternatively, if you want to migrate your existing websites on your server, follow these guidelines

Host Multiple Websites

Step 3: Host Multiple Websites on the Same Server

Now that you have already added a website on your server, you follow the previous steps to add as many websites as you need. Just be mindful of the server size while adding websites under this server. 

Once you have done all of these previous steps successfully, you will find all your websites under ‘Site List’ option. 

Host Multiple Websites

Advanced Tips for Managing Multiple Websites on One Server

Before ending this blog, we want to share some advanced tips with you to help you manage multiple websites under the same server in a streamlined way. Let us have a quick look at them. 

Implement Strong Security Measures

When hosting multiple websites under the same server you should isolate websites to enhance your security measures. Cloud hosting platforms like xCloud can be your trusted choice to isolate your websites under the same server. Also, you should keep all plugins updated with the latest security patches, and use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your sites against common web threats.

Optimize Server Performance

You should implement caching solutions or built-in caching features to keep your website speed faster. Also, you should allocate specific CPU and memory resources to each website to get optimal performance.  

Efficient Backup Strategies

You should schedule automated backups for all websites and store backups in remote locations using S3-compatible storage providers. Also, do not forget to regularly test backup and restore processes to ensure quick data recovery.

Enjoy Seamless WordPress Hosting Experience With xCloud 

Hosting multiple websites under the same server can help you reduce your server cost. We hope you have learned how to host multiple websites under the same server using xCloud from this blog. Now, try xCloud by yourself and let us know your experience on the xCloud Facebook community
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