Startise Design Workshop 1.0: Connecting the Dots in Design Thinking

startise design workshop

At Startise, we have always emphasized collaboration and improving our knowledge. This time, we hosted the Startise design workshop for the first time. The event was held on the 2nd of June, 2024, in our very own Startise headquarters. 

We were glad to have 30+ design enthusiasts from versatile sectors join this enlightening and enjoyable learning session. There was something to learn for everyone: product and creative designers, front-end engineers, product managers, marketers, etc.  Let’s have a quick look back at what we did, learned and explored in our first-ever Startise Design Workshop! 🥳

Startise design workshop

From Ideation to Reality: How We Made the Startise Design Workshop Happen

Continuous learning is a core component of our organization’s culture of growth and development. Our Startise design workshop was part of an initiative to highlight the latest design trends and best practices through an interactive and vibrant session, which was the first of its kind in our organization. 

We need to mention that we were involved in planning and hosting of this event for a long time. It started out as a plan for in-house participants from our team, but soon we were considering including design enthusiasts from across all the industries.

Finally we conducted the session with passionate individuals outside the office, eager to share our resources and experiences with you all. They have joined with us in this exciting journey of collaboration and growth!

Based on our attendee persona, organization motive and our in-house designers’ need, the session’s topic was fixed as ‘Design Thinking and Double Diamond Model’. With all the preparations made for the first Sunday of June, we were excited to hold a workshop and interact with the attendees.

Startise Sr. Designer, Nabil Emon, Conducted The Design Workshop

As we planned to include attendees from other sectors of the industry, along with our own internal teammates, we planned to host the Startise Design workshop with the most talented and experienced one. The workshop was conducted by our own Sr. Product Designer, Nabil Ahmed Emon. Having experience of 7+ years, he is a passionate and skilled design professional, who also holds a record of holding many workshops and lessons previously.  He has enhanced our design process, idea generation and inter-team collaboration in many ways. 

In 2024, when there are outstanding website designs and banners, designers have to implement modern processes like the Double Diamond Model and ensure proper Design Thinking to stay ahead of the curve. Having said that, Nabil Ahmed Emon thought going with the above-mentioned topic would encourage everyone’s enthusiastic participation in learning.

Startise Design Workshop

The Response Was Huge, Full of Love and Enthusiasm

When we planned to make our Design Workshop inclusive for everyone, we had to go through in-house challenges that may arose. Our very own experienced organizer team has mapped all out all cases. So, we published an invitation form and chose a specific number of attendees from the form. 

But the love and response from outside were huge. We got a huge number of responses in the form, of messages, emails, and other sources. Thanks to everyone, who has shown interest. We are filled with love, and this enthusiasm drives us to create top-notch sessions for attendees. Finally, we held the Startise Design workshop with 30+ talented minds from both our internal team and outside.

Startise Design Workshop

We Learned, Networked and Bonded: Here’s What We Did in Workshop

Our Startise Design Workshop was officially launched by Afshana Rahman, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Startise. With a warm and informative introductory speech, Afshana Rahman welcomed every participant to the session and described the importance of design skills and practices. 

Then, the star of the event, our speaker, Nabil Ahmed Emon, took over the session and conducted a detailed and interactive session that covered interesting topics like design thinking and the double diamond model, empathy mapping, design process, common design challenges and more.

What made the session even more interesting was the fun and engaging groupwork where the attendees were divided into five groups. Each group shared their learning and ideas in this groupwork phase with everyone and we were mesmerized by the creativity and thought process of all the participants. 

Supercharged by hot coffee and tasty snacks, all the attendees, including our speaker, took part in a friendly networking session filled with connectivity, laughter and bonding.

Stay Tuned for More Workshops on the Way! 🔥 

With all the love from participants and our in-house teams’ organizational power, we made our first Startise Design workshop successful. We did it. And this kind-of-first event gave us a boost to arrange more. Hope to see you at our next Startise design workshops. Wondering how to join? keep an eye out for more exciting news and events on our social platforms. Do not forget to join our Facebook community and subscribe to our blogs to stay updated.


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